Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 4

Shorter task today. But another hot one for those on the ground.

15m task - 340.00


Club class AAT 2.30 hours 196.8/362.6km

Start point - 01SPNN
Nyngan - 30km
Albert - 20 km

The boys are happy for a shorter task today. Hopefully time for a swim at the end of the day.

Graham our aussie crew member has had to go home. David, Nick and Alex will miss his assistance and knowledge. Thank you Graham for giving us your time.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Yesterday was a cracker with Alex coming in 3rd and Nick 4th over a 500k task.
Campbell did well to get round 360k in the club class. Philip had a few glider issues and ended up landing back.
Today is forecast to be even better, temperature 35deg, thermals up to 13,000'.
15m task is 605k which looking at the weather is quite realistic. Club class are doing a 4 hour AAT min 284k max 597.
See http://soaringspot.com/jg2014/results/15-meter/task/day3.html
All in all we are pleased with how things are going. I've captured a few sound bites from the Pilots:
Alex: Going good, gotta catch Scutter
Nick: Getting used to the Ventus now (took a wee bit) and looking forward to the rest of the week.
Campbell: Big learning curve - a lot different to the Auckland thermals
Philip: Sorted out yesterdays issues and ready to go today.
Mike (coach): Can't eat anymore ice-cream, up to 3 a day
That's all from the Kiwi camp for now, I'm looking forward to seeing some smiling faces at the of today.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alex and Nick start flying

Today was paper work and glider familiarisation day for Alex and Nick. They managed to get a flight in, flying about 300km. The thermals weren't quite as good as they looked.

Philip arrived at Narromine today and completed his paperwork, ready to start flying tomorrow.

Alex and Nick's gliders ready

Alex and Nick have their gliders all ready to fly.

Alex and Nick on the way

Alex and Nick from the New Zealand Team heading across the ditch for JoeyGlide.